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At ICON-IQ, we connect Canadian companies with the untapped potential of the tech talent market in Latin America. Our deep role and sector expertise enables us to recruit better technical, behavioral, and cultural matches faster. We also provide remote onboarding support and immigration consulting to get your new hire swiftly integrated with your team.

Breaking the Bottleneck by Looking Beyond Borders

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Why Choose Icon-IQ?

IT Recruiting Experts
Our deep role and sector knowledge enables us to source top talent faster, providing you with a fully vetted and highly curated short list in 10 days. All searches begin with a thorough technical, behavioral, and cultural review with your team so we can hone in on exactly what you’re looking for.
Nearshore Specialists
Our recruiting team is based in Mexico and deeply understands the Latin American talent market. They have cultivated relationships with top talent, and have a strong familiarity with educational institutions, tech companies, and regional hot spots for emerging technologies and hard-to-find skillsets.
Flexible work arrangements
Whether you need a hired-gun to push out that next feature, or to add bench strength to your existing team, we specialize in recruiting for Contract, Remote, and Permanent positions.  And we’re available to provide onboarding support to help you integrate them into your team as quickly as possible.
Immigration solutions
If you would like your new hire to join your company in Canada, our immigration team (RCIC) will manage the entire process to fast-track their arrival. We have extensive experience with the Global Talent Stream and Provincial Nominee Programs across the country.


What roles do you recruit for?

We specialize in recruiting for Engineering and Development, Data Science, Product Management, and Design.

Where do you recruit from?

The ICON-IQ recruiting team is based in Mexico and recruits from the 21 countries in Latin America.

Is there a lot of talent in Latin America?

Latin America is home to some of the best tech talent in the world. There are more than 1 million software developers across Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia.

Is there a cost savings?

Yes. It will average between 20% and 30% but will vary by role and work arrangement.

How much are your recruiting fees?

We work on a contingency basis, which means payment isn’t due until your new hire starts work.

Do you offer a placement guarantee?

Yes. If a candidate is terminated or resigns within 120 days of their start of work, a replacement candidate for the same position will be provided free of charge.

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