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The Canadian tech sector is on the rise. With rapid growth predicted over the coming decades, skilled tech talent like you is needed more than ever. ICON-IQ can match you with an incredible opportunity that will change your life.

Why Relocate to Canada?

Canada has a rich history of inclusion and cultural diversity. It warmly welcomes newcomers from around the world and provides them with opportunities to thrive. Large urban centers and rural communities alike offer a high level of personal safety and low crime rates.

The publicly-funded primary and secondary school system delivers high-quality education to prepare young people for tomorrow’s opportunities. And Canada’s universal health care ensures you can access quality medical care when you need it.

In particular, we have had great success in placing candidates in the province of Alberta in the cities of Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta is one of the ‘prairie provinces’, famous for the Rocky Mountains in the west. If you work in Calgary, you can finish work at five and be in the mountains by six – enjoying hiking, fishing, and exploration.



Adolfo, Shopify Developer
Having the opportunity to work in Canada is a dream come true for my wife and I! ICON-IQ was instrumental in every step of our journey. From landing an amazing new job to assisting with the work permit process, ICON-IQ was there.
Christian, AWS Cloud System Administrator
Daniela came to me with a life-changing opportunity and helped me achieve my professional goals. She introduced me to an amazing tech company where I now belong. Daniela guided me throughout the interview process, always giving great advice. Months after the job placement she continued to do follow-up interviews with me, ensuring continued success in my new role.
Homero, Senior Full Stack Developer
ICON-IQ was pivotal in helping me achieve my goal of finding a job in Canada. I couldn’t have done it without them. From the start, their team went above and beyond. They helped me set up my profile, assisted in getting me a work permit, and more. After six months, with the assistance of ICON-IQ, my wife and I were able to relocate to Canada. I highly recommend ICON-IQ.

The Tech Sector in Canada


  • Companies
  • 1,000,000

  • Jobs
  • $242

  • Billion in Revenue
  • Work Remotely

    Working with ICON-IQ is not a commitment to move to Canada - we also specialize in matching you with remote opportunities. You can enjoy the benefits of working with a Canadian company, while remaining in your home country.

    The Recruiting Process

    Our goal is to place you with a company that is a strong fit with your skills, career aspirations, and personal values. When you complete the application form below, you will join our candidate roster. If you’re a match for a position, we’ll contact you to better understand your career goals, work experience, and the type of opportunity you’re looking for. It’s that easy.

    The Relocation Process

    If you choose to move to Canada, our team is here to help. Our immigration specialists will process your work permit, and while the application is underway, you can begin working remotely. This is a great opportunity to get to know your company and colleagues. And if you are relocating with your family, we’ll ensure they also receive appropriate immigration documentation.

    When everything has been approved, our concierge team will make sure you have access to the people and resources you need to settle into your new community quickly.

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