Accessing Global Talent – Hiring Remote Teams

With the increased globalization of talent and the rise in remote work arrangements, companies are looking beyond their borders for the best talent to join their team. Although big companies may make finding, engaging, and maintaining their remote workers seem easy, there are some key considerations as your company begins executing their own remote talent search.


The first step in executing your talent search is to find the right person! There are many tools available for companies to use when looking beyond their borders, depending on the arrangement and delivery model. For companies looking to complete small, simple tasks, platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer a basic level of service to connect with remote workers. For companies looking to find permanent or longer-term engagements, there’s a multitude of tools and tactics to use. The most common tool is LinkedIn, however, this can have limitations when looking for a broad area or specifically attracting international talent, it is suggested that you set the work type to ‘remote’ as well as removing specific language around work authorization for Canada. Organizations can take it one step further by calling out acceptance of international applicants, or even support of immigration.

However, when your company is looking to scale up and find more skilled and long-term commitments or build out their engineering team, it is important to engage with experts in international recruiting. While many in-house recruiters and talent acquisition teams have the best knowledge when it comes to their company, they can lack the expertise and networks to uncover the best candidates abroad. International recruiters bring a deep knowledge of the markets they operate within, having connected to local ecosystems, discovered talent pools, and possessing native knowledge giving a distinct advantage when it comes to recruiting.

When engaging with candidates from abroad, whether found internally or through external partners, there are a few key items to ensure the process moves along smoothly and keeps candidates engaged. The most important thing is both parties’ transparency throughout the process.

Where you are lookingPay
Time zoneWork arrangement
SkillsRecruitment process
Researching candidates experienceImmigration requirements
Communication skills

Once you have found the successful candidate, your next step will be engaging the candidate to work with you.


After having found your successful international candidate, your next step will be engaging them in employment. While bringing on the candidate as a full-time international contractor is the most common delivery model, there are many other options. These include part-time, using an Employer of Record (EOR), or possibly through an incorporated entity(link to post about delivery models. The most important outcome from this step is the creation of a compliant agreement between employer and employee. Candidates and employers must consider the following:

ContractHow they will be paid
HealthcarePay periods
BenefitsGetting equipment/stipend for equipment
Submission/tracking of hoursReporting structure
EquipmentOnboarding path
Immigration requirements
Background check
Additional onboarding

Successful completion of this step leads to long-term relationships between employees and employers, built on trust. The easiest way to make sure all of the above steps are completed is by using a technology platform designed for remote teams. An industry leader is Deel (link), Deel offers a full suite of tools to engage, equip, pay and manage your remote team. Being an end-to-end solution provider, it builds a fully compliant employment contract, as well as allowing employees to submit hours, withdraw pay in the currency of their choice, and offers the ability to send equipment to your new team member.

With your contract in place and all parties in agreement, your employee is now part of the team. From this point, it is all about continuing to build and maintain the relationship and ensuring your remote worker stays happy!

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